Dress Code/Uniform Policy

GRADES: K-5: Students are permitted to wear navy pants/dress and light blue or light yellow shirts. 

GRADES: 6-8: Students are permitted to wear black pants/dress with a white shirt or black shirt. 

School attire contributes to the school atmosphere. A clean, neat, appropriately dressed student advertises the fact that he/she respects himself/herself in a way designed to win respect from others.

  1. Shoes must be worn at all times, and shoelaces must be tied. NO FLIP FLOPS, CROCS, SLIDES. Shoes must be completely closed 
  2. Hats, toboggans, or sunglasses should not be worn within the school building unless medically required.
  3. Shirts or blouses that expose the midriff are not permitted.
  4. Students in grades K-5 dress in the blue, light blue, and yellow uniform of Penrose with appropriate shoes and on gym day, in grey or blue sweats and sneakers. Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 must wear black bottoms and white tops.
  5. Pants should be worn at the waistline (not sagging), and both straps should be on the shoulder to prevent a half-dressed appearance in the case of overalls.
  6. Pants with slashes, rips, or cuts above the knee are prohibited.
  7. No tank tops.
  8. No hoodies may be on students’ heads in school.

We will call you to bring your child-appropriate clothing.

  • On PE days – Required for class participation (students will sit out during class)
    • Only sneakers or tennis shoes with backs to them will be allowed for participation
    • NO – sandals, flip flops, or bare feet