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Welcome to Penrose School!

It is our pleasure to partner with you as we work in creating a brighter future through the children.  We are focused on a united goal:
To provide a high quality education in a safe, secure and child friendly environment.

Our Vision

Penrose School is committed to providing students with opportunities to achieve their highest individual potential, both academically and socially, in preparation for life beyond high school.

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Read about our partnership with The Philadelphia Police Department 

Dear Penrose Parents, Families and Friends,

With the current climate of unrest and division in our city and country at large, it is the desire of our hearts to find a path to peace. Here at Penrose we want to begin the delicate, yet necessary work of healing between our community and its police force through an initiative we’re calling “The Police Positivity Project”. While we absolutely realize there have been many who have shown immorality and poor judgement, we also know that there are many officers and service men and women who have done, and continue to do much good. We want to both recognize these good works, while at the same time advance the discussion around the role of healthy police-community interaction.

Penrose has partnered with Officer Arnold Mitchell of the Philadelphia Police Department’s 12 District. Officer Mitchell has been serving our city for fourteen years, specializing in Community Relations for five. He is not only familiar with our community, but also our school, as he and his team have worked closely mentoring Penrose students in the past. Starting September 9, 2020, Officer Mitchell will join our teachers and school leadership every Wednesday from 9-9:45am to dialogue with our middle grade students (Grades 5-8) on life, their concerns about the community they live in, and how we can all come together to make a lasting change therein. We are also welcoming parents to join in on the conversations too! If you are interested in joining us please call Penrose school at (215)-400-8310, or, contact Najmah Ryans directly at (484)-540-5319

With commitment to unity, sage guidance and great leadership, we believe this project can, and will, create a safe space for effective, amicable communication between our students and families, community members, and neighboring law enforcement. We acknowledge that the work needed to rectify the damage will be significant, yet if we each find a place for our hands, we can, little by little begin lifting this heavy load.

We are extremely excited to begin and look forward to seeing you there!

Sincerest Regards,

Your Penrose Family

Principal : CAROL TRENCH                                                                      Assistant Principal: ANGELA RYANS